Native OS/2 Version (Not for Windows, Linux, etc.)

Zip Control is available for download here as well as at other sites. The version available for download is the Evaluation version. It also serves as an "update" from previous versions to the current version. The evaluation version is fully functional. The only difference between the evaluation version and the Licensed version is the Licensed version does not show the reminder window indicating that it is an evaluation version.

The Evaluation version may be used for twenty-one days to determine if it is software that you wish to continue to use. At the end of the evaluation period, you may purchase (license) Zip Control or remove it from your PC.

Licensed users of Zip Control receive a License Key from the place purchased, either RPF Software or a dealer. This License Key is respected by the downloaded evaluation/update Zip Control files, at least through the current major version.

If you already have an unzip program:

Click here to download the latest "zipped" version of Zip Control (version 2.7.4, 897 KB). Unzip the downloaded file into a temporary directory, exit Zip Control (if running), and run the included Install program for either a new install or an update.

If you do not already have an unzip program:

Click here to download a self-extracting (.exe) version of Zip Control (version 2.7.4, 937 KB). Place the downloaded file in a newly created, temporary directory, and "run" the .exe file. It will unarchive into the directory. Then run the Install program to setup Zip Control in its permanent directory.

This release:

 Version 2.7.4 November 20, 2003
 * Corrected the updating of available popup menu options on first popup use.

 Version 2.7.3 August 15, 2003
 * Added settings options for defining default sort preferences
   to be applied to newly opened .zip files.

 Version 2.7.2 April 12, 2003
 * Extended web browser definition entry field to 260 characters.

 Version 2.7.1 March 21, 2003
 * Corrected a defect introduced in version 2.6.9.  The zip process
   would fail in certain conditions when the number of files to
   be zipped was larger than a certain value.

 Version 2.7.0 November 24, 2002
 * Added Reset Browser button to Product Information
   window.  This button clears the previous web browser
   choice, scans for NetScape.exe, then Explore.exe if
   NetScape.exe is not found.  The web browser program
   name may be changed, e.g., Mozilla.exe (however, Mozilla's
   standard installation requires the full path to
   Mozilla.exe, e.g., d:\mozilla\mozilla.exe.

   Once the Web Browser definition window is closed with
   the OK button, the web browser is launched to the RPF
   Software site.

 Version 2.6.9 July 4, 2002
 * Added meaningful progress indicator for Adding files
   to a new or existing .zip file.
 * Added Estimate Bytes button for determining how many
   bytes will be added to a new or existing .zip file.
   A green or red square will show next to the estimate
   to roughly indicate if there is enough free disk space
   on the Work Location drive and the target disk drive
   to hold the .zip file and its temporary file created
   during the zipping process.

 Version 2.6.8 June 22, 2002
 * Added "Save Sets" to make it easier to create or refresh
   .zip archives where the same or similar "Add" activities
   may be repeated from time to time.

 Version 2.6.7 May 17, 2000
 * Corrected problem in displaying installed local printers
   when the total number of printers (including network) was
   greater than six.
 * Modified to work around's problems with file names
   greater than 72 characters in length (with Spooler enabled).
 * Compensated for a WPS "feature" which closed Zip Control when
   the Move to Zip Repository option was enabled along with either
   1) drag & drop or 2) double-click on a .zip file.

 Version 2.6.6 January 26, 2000
 * Added capability to search for ASCII text or HEX values within
   the files contained within the .zip archive.  See KeysHelp,
   Alt-F, Alt-Shift-F or use RMB popup menu.
 * Changed the behavior of the Hide Buttons (see RMB, Help) mode of
   Zip Control to auto-resize the window based on the longest text
   and the number of files in the archive.  This feature may be
   toggled on/off by use of the RMB menu (Preferences) or Ctrl-R.
   The default operation, at startup, is enabled/on.  The default
   startup setting may be changed by adding the /R command line
 * Added a command line parameter (/E) to turn off the attempt to
   compensate for IBM's System Editor (E.exe) placing newly
   opened documents in the background.  If Desktop/Workplace
   "associations" have been changed to NOT use IBM's System
   Editor (E.exe), then this parameter may speed "Viewing"
 * Corrected an erroneous error message at the completion of
   unzipping an archive which contained only files which
   included a space in the filenames.
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