Version 2.7.4 November 20, 2003
 * Corrected the updating of available popup menu options on first popup use.

 Version 2.7.3 August 15, 2003
 * Added settings options for defining default sort preferences
   to be applied to newly opened .zip files.

 Version 2.7.2 April 12, 2003
 * Extended web browser definition entry field to 260 characters.

 Version 2.7.1 March 21, 2003
 * Corrected a defect introduced in version 2.6.9.  The zip process
   would fail in certain conditions when the number of files to
   be zipped was larger than a certain value.

 Version 2.7.0 November 24, 2002
 * Added Reset Browser button to Product Information
   window.  This button clears the previous web browser
   choice, scans for NetScape.exe, then Explore.exe if
   NetScape.exe is not found.  The web browser program
   name may be changed, e.g., Mozilla.exe (however, Mozilla's
   standard installation requires the full path to
   Mozilla.exe, e.g., d:\mozilla\mozilla.exe.

   Once the Web Browser definition window is closed with
   the OK button, the web browser is launched to the RPF
   Software site.

 Version 2.6.9 July 4, 2002
 * Added meaningful progress indicator for Adding files
   to a new or existing .zip file.
 * Added Estimate Bytes button for determining how many
   bytes will be added to a new or existing .zip file.
   A green or red square will show next to the estimate
   to roughly indicate if there is enough free disk space
   on the Work Location drive and the target disk drive
   to hold the .zip file and its temporary file created
   during the zipping process.

 Version 2.6.8 June 22, 2002
 * Added "Save Sets" to make it easier to create or refresh
   .zip archives where the same or similar "Add" activities
   may be repeated from time to time.

 Version 2.6.7 May 17, 2000
 * Corrected problem in displaying installed local printers
   when the total number of printers (including network) was
   greater than six.
 * Modified to work around Print.com's problems with file names
   greater than 72 characters in length (with Spooler enabled).
 * Compensated for a WPS "feature" which closed Zip Control when
   the Move to Zip Repository option was enabled along with either
   1) drag & drop or 2) double-click on a .zip file.

 Version 2.6.6 January 26, 2000
 * Added capability to search for ASCII text or HEX values within
   the files contained within the .zip archive.  See KeysHelp,
   Alt-F, Alt-Shift-F or use RMB popup menu.
 * Changed the behavior of the Hide Buttons (see RMB, Help) mode of
   Zip Control to auto-resize the window based on the longest text
   and the number of files in the archive.  This feature may be
   toggled on/off by use of the RMB menu (Preferences) or Ctrl-R.
   The default operation, at startup, is enabled/on.  The default
   startup setting may be changed by adding the /R command line
 * Added a command line parameter (/E) to turn off the attempt to
   compensate for IBM's System Editor (E.exe) placing newly
   opened documents in the background.  If Desktop/Workplace
   "associations" have been changed to NOT use IBM's System
   Editor (E.exe), then this parameter may speed "Viewing"
 * Corrected an erroneous error message at the completion of
   unzipping an archive which contained only files which
   included a space in the filenames.

 Version 2.6.5 September 19, 1999
 * Corrected a problem when using PKZIP 2.50 with encrypted files
   where all the files in the archive did not extract during an

 Version 2.6.4 August 23, 1999
 * Update ordering information, locations.

 Version 2.6.3 July 31, 1999
 * When dragging file(s) from Zip Control to a folder/directory,
   if the Ctrl and Shift keys are depressed upon release of the
   RMB, the paths/directories stored in the .zip file will NOT
   be retained in the target folder/directory.
 * Modified the Evaluation/Update distribution file to help
   prevent the incorrect language version from being installed
   due to using pkunzip without the -d or /Dir option.
 * Added built-in support for Symantec Norton Antivirus for OS/2
   version 5.02.41 or higher (NAVDXOS2.EXE).
 * Added support for UnZip 5.40.

 Version 2.6.2 November 17, 1998
 * Removed CompuServe references.

 Version 2.6.1 October 15, 1998
 * Corrected UnZip failure when using PKZip due to error introduced in

 Version 2.6.0 September 15, 1998
 * Modified the main Open dialog and the UnZip window's Select Directory
   dialog to accommodate Dialog Enhancer.
 * Where the underlying utilities, e.g., Info-ZIP, provide two digit
   years, we now infer the century based on a sliding century window
   from 90 years prior to and 10 years hence the current (access) year.

 Version 2.5.9 June 9, 1998
 * Corrected "Window not created" error when encrypting .zip files.

 Version 2.5.8 April 20, 1998
 * Simplified the date/version detection of Zip.exe.

 Version 2.5.7 April 13, 1998 (not publicly announced)
 * Continued fix to occasional empty listing of .zip file contents.
 * Added a second password entry field and a test to ensure both
   are equal before accepting password in Add.
 * Made password entry unreadable.

 Version 2.5.6 March 21, 1998 (not publicly announced)
 * Further fix related to 2.5.4 & 2.5.5. Thanks to extended testing
   by Hazen Woods and Cornelis Bockemuehl.

 Version 2.5.5 March 5 1998  (not publicly announced)
 * Changes in 2.5.4 caused an undetected problem for PKZIP. Fixed
   in this release.

 Version 2.5.4 March 2, 1998
 * Added files to support a German version of Zip Control
   courtesy of Joachim Luft.
 * Corrected a thread timing situation where Zip Control appears
   to hang for a few customers during UnZip.
 * Added workaround for another program which opens in the
   background, PMView. The first was the System Editor.
 * Added a default (definable in Settings) path in which new
   .zip files will be created.

 Version 2.5.3 December 26, 1997
 * In the Add window, implemented double-click in the Files
   and Selected list boxes. Default action will occur when
   double-clicked. Default action will copy the highlighted
   file(s) to the Selected list box when an item in the File
   list box is double-clicked. When an item in the Selected
   list box is double-clicked, the highlighted item(s)
   is(are) removed from the Selected list box.
 * Corrected a situation where, when using Zip.exe as the Zip
   Program and encrypting the .zip file, multiple requests
   for the password would be made.
 * Drag & Drop Add modified to respect the Settings for
   ".ZIP date = latest file."
 * As the Info-ZIP group continues to add features to Zip.exe and
   UnZip.exe, it is becoming important to use Zip Control with
   the versions of Zip.exe and UnZip.exe that are included with
   the Zip Control distribution package. If you have problems with
   Zip Control, please first test with the included Zip.exe and
   UnZip.exe before reporting the problem.
 * Provided human understandable message for Error 32 during
   installation (sharing violation, files in use).
 * Speeded Zip.exe version/date determination.
 * Detect and account for Zip.exe version 2.2 -t mmddyyyy vs.
   prior -t mmddyy.
 * Corrected a situation whereby a "comment" would be carried
   forward to a New .zip file.
 * Repaired Search, Delete so that deleted files are reflected
   as such in subsequent Resorts.

 Version 2.5.2 December 6, 1997
 * Correct file open dialog box opening in top right corner.
 * Added filter choices to file open dialog window.
 * Added a command line (or program object) parameter "/F"
   to turn OFF the display of the above filters (*.exe,
   *.zip, etc.) in the "Open" window, if there are formatting
   or display problems in using them.
 * Correct several file open dialog window filter glitches.
 * Account for UnZip and PKZIP odd formatting of .zip file
   contents list when an included file size or compressed
   size exceeds 9,999,999 bytes or 999,999 bytes respectively.
   Also attempt to anticipate upcoming changes in same programs
   which are intended to correct the formatting.
 * If more than five files are selected for "viewing," a
   confirmation window will permit cancelling the view

 Version 2.5.1 November 17, 1997
 * Enabled the DOS self-extracting archive capability for the
   Info-ZIP Zip/UnZip programs.
 * Corrected miscellaneous problems with the new Zip2Exe window.
 * Corrected recursive zipping when using "After" date.
 * Improved the last used file mask feature.
 * Include Zip.exe 2.2, UnZip.5.32
 * Corrected cosmetic error on reported Zip.exe version date.

 Version 2.5.0 October 3, 1997
 * Included support for PKWARE's PKZIP 2.50 for OS/2.
 * Added a link to the RPF Software web site to the Product
   Information window.
 * Sped up Add when using Select File(s) mode.
 * Added a Zip2Exe DOS target option to ease archive transfer
   between operating systems.
 * Corrected a problem with international time formats where
   the country settings did not have a value for AM PM in OS/2 4.0.
   (Thanks to Stan Goodman.)
 * The Open window now remembers the last used file mask, e.g.,
   *.exe, during a Zip Control session.
 * Accommodated a minor change in IBM Antivirus 3.0.

 Version 2.4.5 May 26, 1997
 * Contact information updated.

 Version 2.4.4 April 27, 1997
 * Adjusted UnZip "Select directory" control layout so that the X File
   file dialog utility displays properly. Also, added an editable
   field for the directory selection.
 * Modified the Save To dialog to set the suggested new file name
   the same as the current file name (rather than to *.zip) so that
   use as a "helper" app with NetScape is better.
 * Incorporated the -A Zip.exe option when creating self-extracting archives.
 * Corrected occasional trailing "\" in UnZip, Select Directory.
 * Corrected buttons left in disabled state if View chosen for a file
   in a .zip file which was deleted external to Zip Control, while Zip
   Control thought it had the .zip file available and open.
 * Drag & Drop to create new archive now respects default setting for
   whether to set .zip file date to latest date inside .zip file.
 * Corrected menu choice "Move File to Repository" to reflect whether a
   .zip file has been opened.
 * Fixed Settings, Programs, View Program to accept "/" style parameters
   in the entry field for the View Program.

 Version 2.4.3 October 19, 1996
 * Corrected missing text on Progress Window.
 * Improved date format (e.g., yy/mm/dd) by incorporating config.sys Country
   settings in addition to System Setup, Country settings.

 Version 2.4.2 October 14, 1996
 * Added Help for the /Zn parameters.
 * A .zip filename passed as a parameter to Zip Control now has its
   full path constructed, if omitted.
 * Fixed rare (we think) case where Sorting the main window entries
   would hang OS/2.

 Version 2.4.1 September 15, 1996
 * Enhanced virus detection notification for IBM AntiVirus and McAfee.
 * Removed unused setlocale() call which caused SYS3175 on some systems.
 * Changed priority of a thread that affected startup time and added
   /Z1 and /Z2 as parameters to (/Z1) disable the thread priority downgrade,
   if problems, and to (/Z2) eliminate the thread for maximum performance
   (will not report the Zip.exe version/date if eliminated).

 Version 2.4.0 September 7, 1996
 * Changed the UnZip (selected) % complete to instead show "File m of n"
   and to not show the Progress Window if the number of files to be
   unzipped is <= 50.
 * Corrected improper display of zip file contents when using UnZip 5.2.
 * Settings Notebook cosmetic changes.

 Version 2.3.9 September 2, 1996
 * Enhanced warning about which IBM AntiVirus program .exe to use.
 * Corrected errors introduced in 2.3.8: no Help from command line,
   UnZip History not visible.
 * Aligned the accelerator keys with the Alt-? keys used on the main window.
 * Added Sort by Extension for the main listing of .zip file contents.
 * Added indication of the version of Zip.exe to the Product Information

 Version 2.3.8 August 28, 1996
 * Added a "move .zip file to repository directory after unzipping"

 Version 2.3.7 August 24, 1996
 * Added a workaround to McAfee's random "pause." This was indicated
   by the CheckOut, Scanning action not completing and not showing
   the virus scan report until Exit was clicked.

 Version 2.3.6 August 12, 1996
 * Adjusted for change in UnZip 5.2 where some files would appear to
   stall Zip Control.
 * Corrected a problem where on an invalid file date of a .zip file
   would cause a SYS3175.
 * Corrected locale-specific date/time formatting to respect the Country,
   Date settings as found in The System Setup folder.

 Version 2.3.5 July 31, 1996
 * Added the ability to drag all OS/2 file types to an
   open .zip file. Solves a problem with an application
   which identifies OS/2 file type as "unknown."
 * Corrected a problem where the directory used in Add stayed
   the default directory for that drive and, therefore, could
   not be deleted, if desired, until Zip Control was exited.
 * Added additional debug info.
 * Adopted Merlin folder types and notebook style.

 Version 2.3.4 July 8, 1996
 * Included a "debug" parameter (/D) to log info regarding
   SYSnnnn style exceptions to the file "debug.log" in the
   directory which contains the Zip Control .ini file.

 Version 2.3.3 June 29, 1996
 * Additional CheckOut "Delete" modifications to also
   eliminate the 10-20 second delay. This fix should eliminate
   all previous problems with this function.

 Version 2.3.1 June 9, 1996
 * Further modifications to the CheckOut "Delete" function to
   eliminate occasional WPS "file in use or busy" messages. The
   method used seems to work, but does have a delay of 10-20
   seconds before the temporary directory disappears from the

 Version 2.3.0 May 18, 1996
 * Modifications to accommodate UnZip *5.2*'s new format for listing
   .zip file contents.

 Version 2.2.9 April 27, 1996
 * May fix problem some people see when using CheckOut where the
   Delete of the temporary directory (~delete.me) fails on one or
   more of its files, particularly after application of FixPak 17.

 Version 2.2.8 January 26, 1996
 * New Installation program which does not have the
   "SOM Object Not Installed" problem which occurred
   with Warp FixPak 16.

 Version 2.2.7 January 6, 1996
 * Warp FixPak 16 repositioned items in the standard file
   open dialog box. The ZC UnZip, Select Directory dialog
   was modified to accommodate those changes.
 * Corrected a problem where the UnZip, Select Directory
   dialog would only return the first 50 characters of
   a path name.

 Version 2.2.6 October 11, 1995
 * Modified the EA Read code so that TVFS (IBM EWS software)
   would work with Zip Control for files with EAs.
 * Revised terminology in .doc and help files.

 Version 2.2.5 August 19, 1995
 * Zip Control now creates session unique Work directories,
   e.g., ~ZipWork.1, ~ZipWork.2. This allows multiple ZC
   sessions without conflict between the associated
   temporary files.
 * Default output directory and default work location are
   now created on the same drive as the ZC .ini file. This
   is to make it easier for corporate installations where
   ZipCntrl.exe may be placed in a read/execute directory
   on a server and using the ZC parameter /I=x:\dir\zc.ini.
   The location of the .ini file must always be in a
   read/write directory, as must be the output path and
   the work location.
 * Repaired Drag and Drop when Crtl key is held down.
 * Repaired Print, list of printer choices.

 Version 2.2.4 August 9, 1995
 * Repaired SYS3171 problem in OS/2 2.11.
 * Repaired CheckOut, Scan failure to display report.
 * Repaired AutoUnZip, which would not complete unless
   either AutoTest or AutoScan was active.

 Version 2.2.3 July 30, 1995
 * Orders for Zip Control may now be placed with
   1. OS/2 Shareware BBS
   2. BMT Micro
   3. Greater Chicago OS/2
   each of whom accept credit card orders. Orders may
   also be placed directly with RPF Software or CompuServe
   (via SWREG). See Order.doc for details.
 * Added an Install program.
 * Implemented AutoUnZip (see Settings notebook, General
   Options page). Create an additional Zip Control icon
   (WPS program reference object) and add a "parameter"
   /U (for UnZip). A zip file dragged to that icon
   (with the /U parameter) will be automatically unzipped
   to the default UnZip output drive:\directory defined
   in the Settings notebook, Paths page or as controlled
   by other Settings options ("Use zip location", "Put
   files in subdir of zip location", etc.). Zip Control
   will not appear to run (does not open any windows),
   but will sound a tone upon completing the unzipping.
 * Can now restrict Zipping (Adding) files to those
   modified after a specified date.
 * Added "Test" and "Scan" to the main window pop-up menu
   under "File". Can also be used via Ctrl-T and Ctrl-S.
   These permit an interactive Test (UnZip -t) or
   virus scan of an open .zip file.
 * Added AutoTest and AutoScan as General Options
   (Settings notebook). If active, each zip file
   will be automatically "Tested" (UnZip -t) and/or
   virus scanned when the zip file is opened. The
   AutoScan can be particularly helpful with the
   greater access to the Internet.
 * Can now **Open** a zip file by dragging and dropping it
   on Zip Control's main window IF the Ctrl and Shift keys
   are both depressed while the mouse button is released.
   Otherwise, the dragged zip file will be "added" to the
   currently opened zip file (current behaviour).
 * Added "Drag and Drop Help" to the on-line help. It is
   available by pressing the F1 key while dragging within
   Zip Control or by selecting from the on-line Help index.
 * Added to the Comments window the ability to view Extended
   Attributes (EAs), if present. EAs are added to downloaded
   files by the Golden CommPass CompuServe offline reader.
 * Added "Select directory" button in the UnZip window to
   use a modified file open dialog box to select the output
   path (drive:\directory).
 * Added CheckOut Auto-options for Test and Delete. Re-arranged
   position of Delete. Allows automated processing for some
   user configurations. If the Test Auto option is enabled,
   Test will be auto-run when CheckOut is selected. When
   exiting, if the Auto option of Delete is enabled, the
   temporary Extract directory will be automatically deleted.
 * Added "hint" help in status bar as mouse moves over buttons.
 * Default options for the McAfee virus scanner are built into
   Zip Control. Default options for the IBM AntiVirus scanner
   have been added to Zip Control. Additionally, there is now
   a Custom option which allows the override of the built-in
   McAfee and IBM AntiVirus options. This Custom option
   can also be used to define virus scan options for other
   virus scan programs. Testing was not able to be done on
   other scanners, so please report any problems with this
 * Attempts to "view" a file with a .exe, .com, .bat, .cmd,
   or .btm file extension while SmartView is active will first
   be prompted for confirmation before continuing since
   "viewing" such files cause the programs to be run.
 * Now prompts on whether to continue when attempting to
   UnZip to the Zip Control product directory.
 * File Open Dialog box defaults back to Settings-defined
   default Zip File Location if "last used" location yields
   "drive not ready" message and user selects "Cancel."
 * Delete ZC "work" subdirectory, ~ZipWork, upon exit, if empty.
 * Modified Add, Select File(s) when "Store paths of selected dir"
   is selected. This will now store the full path and file
   name in the .zip file. When not selected and "Store path(s)"
   is selected, ZC will store ancestor paths of the path which is
   highlighted in the Select Directory list box.
 * Repaired Add, Select File(s) when Store Path(s) not selected,
   would not Add a file which had no extension (Error 12).
 * Repaired Search, Delete to delete the highlighted file.
   (Previously only worked when there was an open .zip file.)
 * Added "Display progress window even if not minimized" option in
   the Settings notebook, General Options page to force the
   Progress Window to be displayed for UnZip, Add, Delete, etc.
   even if the action window is not to be minimized.

 Version 2.2.2 March 12, 1995
 * Repaired broken Sort.
 * Repaired case where UnZip output directory history would
   not be built for a new Zip Control install.

 Version 2.2.1 March 11, 1995
 * Added the ability to create a .exe file from a .zip file.
   This requires identifying in the Settings notebook the
   path and name of the UnZipSFX.exe file which is included
   in the UnZip archive (UNZ512.EXE or UnZip512.zip). See
   pop-up menu (Right Mouse Button) or use Ctrl-Z.
 * Added the ability to drag and drop files from inside
   the .zip file onto the Desktop or into a folder. If
   the file name over which the RMB drag is begun is
   highlighted, then all the highlighted files will be
   copied to the target folder. If the file that is
   dragged was not highlighted (others may have been
   highlighted), only the file over which the RMB drag
   was begun will be copied to the target folder. If a
   drag is begun over "white space", then all highlighted
   (if any) files will be copied to the target folder.
 * Modified the new Sort pop-up menu option and the Search
   sort option to respect the National date format.
 * Clarified an error message (cannot have duplicate files
   in a .zip file) so that it would only display for that
 * NOTE: To use the "encryption" feature, a version of
   Zip.exe which supports encryption is required. This
   may take some searching. It is on some US BBSs and should
   be on non-US BBSs and non-US Internet sites where US
   encryption export controls may not apply. The file name
   for the encryption capable version usually is zip201c2.zip.
   The "c" in the file name indicates encryption capable.
 * Fixed CheckOut's ReZip and Exit not reflecting the Setting
   notebook selections.

 Version 2.2.0 February 11, 1995
 * Repaired the Sort option to not re-use a previous .zip
   file's contents.
 * Changed the Settings Notebook, Programs page, notification
   of an invalid program name (not found, not supported) to be
   a red text string instead of an error window. The error
   window within a notebook could lead to an apparent system
   hang (although a ctrl-esc would recover).
 * Changed default UnZip program from UnZip.exe to UnZip32.exe.

 Version 2.1.9 February 4, 1995
 * Added Sort (of the Zip File Contents listing) to the Main
   Window pop-up menu. Can sort ascending/descending by
   path+name+date, name+date+path, date+name+path, or none
   (same order as stored in the .zip file). Also, see Keys Help.
 * Improved the "System Editor to Top" fix.

 Version 2.1.8 January 30, 1995 (unreleased)
 * Added a "Find text" pop-up menu choice (also Ctrl-F). This
   option will highlight one or all file names within the .zip
   file which contain a user-specified text in the file name(s).
 * Added an UnZip option to make it easy to unzip to a subdirectory
   (named the same as the .zip file) of the directory in which the
   .zip file is located. This user-suggested option seems to be a
   handy way to organize product directories (each product
   directory is a subdirectory of the download directory).
 * Added "Keys Help" to the pop-up Help menu. Shows accelerator
 * Added a Status bar to indicate when UnZip, Zip, and Sorting
   have completed.
 * Added two "acceptable error level" settings, which are definable
   in the Settings notebook. One sets the largest acceptable error
   that can occur during the CheckOut "Test" function, without
   being reported as an error. The default is error level 1.
   The second is the largest acceptable error that can be
   reported by UnZip without reporting an error. The default
   is error level 2. See the .doc file in the UnZip archive for the
   meaning of the error numbers.
 * In creating a New .zip file, the file open dialog box presents
   the existing directory structure. This limits the creation of
   a new .zip file to being located in an existing directory.
   However, if a full path and .zip file name are keyed in to the
   file open dialog box and the directory does not exist, the
   .zip file would not be created. This release creates the
   directory if it did not previously exist.
 * Repaired the UnZip Progress Window to properly show the
   graphic progress when UnZipping using "Selected files."
 * Fixed the pop-up menu "Select" choice so that it could be
 * Added the "am/pm" info to dates in file info and Print.
 * When switching (Ctrl-H) to/from the expert mode (Hide buttons),
   the main window (with buttons showing) would have a "sizable"
   window border rather than the dialog border.  Repaired.
 * Repaired minimized icon error introduced when adding the "Hide
   buttons" option.
 * Fixed a case where the "Path does not exist..." was not being
   displayed in the UnZip window, when it should have been.
 * In 2.1.7, when a target disk was full, Zip Control would pause
   waiting to answer UnZip.exe.  ZC now answers "not continue."
 * Narrowed the test for "PkZip" and "PkUnZip" in the Zip and
   UnZip program names (Settings notebook, Programs page) to test
   only the program base name, not including the path. The Pk
   programs are not supported, just the Info-Zip programs.
 * Returned to previous Zip Control icon due to suggestions.

 Version 2.1.7 January 2, 1995
 * Primary reason for this release is to correct a temporary file
   name problem used in Adding files to a .zip file. The file
   name was too long for a FAT file system and the Add would
   not occur (error:  Zip file not found).
 * Corrected the CheckOut, Test function to properly report
   the full error message when the Test failed.

 Version 2.1.6 December 31, 1994
 * Now handles encrypted .zip files.
 * Now handles creation of encrypted .zip files.
 * Added a "Hide buttons" option. This option reduces the main
   window to the size of the list box. It "hides" all the buttons
   and text of the main window. This is probably more useful to
   people who want an "expert" mode, using minimum screen real
   estate, and who can use the pop-up menu and accelerator keys
   as a substitute for the buttons and checkboxes.  Use Ctrl-H,
   the pop-up menu "Preferences" toggle, or the Settings notebook
   to toggle between the "Hide buttons" mode and standard mode.
 * Added a "work around" for the behavior of the System Editor
   which IBM introduced in OS/2 2.11 (ref PMR 2x535). The work
   around forces the Viewed text file to display on top of other
   OS/2 windows.
 * Repaired a problem where, after running CheckOut, the first
   Open would just refresh the currently open .zip file rather
   than displaying a file open dialog box.
 * Automatically asks for New .zip file name when drag & drop or
   Add, if there is no active .zip file.
 * Added the CheckOut "Auto" settings to the Settings notebook.
 * Repaired a condition where Zip.exe & UnZip.exe may not have
   been found for some operations, if those files were in the
   product directory (and not in the path or if the full path
   was not specified).

 Version 2.1.5 December 3, 1994
 * Drag and Drop implemented to allow dragging files from the
   Desktop or a Drives folder to Zip Control's main window list box.
   One or more folders and/or files may be dragged at one time. The
   default drag mode is to zip a folder's files and the files in its
   subdirectories, storing the path name for any files in subdirectories.
   Pressing the Ctrl key while dragging and dropping will also store
   the path name with the files in the top level directory.  Pressing
   both the Ctrl and Shift keys while dragging and dropping will
   result in no path names being stored.
 * Repaired a problem where a SYS3175 would occur if there were an
   attempt to start a second Zip Control session (non-unique queue
 * Repaired a problem where the UnZip window would not appear and
   Zip Control appeared to be frozen. The UnZip window was active,
   but minimized. Pressing Esc would return to the Main window.
   The temporary fix was to ensure that Save Colors/Fonts/Position
   in the Settings Notebook was UNchecked and then press the Reset
   Colors/Fonts/Position button.

 Version 2.1.4 November 25, 1994
 * Quick maintenance fix to repair a problem which would appear when
   the Zip or UnZip program file or path\file did not exist or was
   not in the PATH.  The result would be either a frozen system or
   hatched icon with no visible Zip Control.
 * Open will now append the file extension ".zip" if no extension is
   entered.  To Open a .zip file without an extension, end the new
   file name with a period (".").

 Version 2.1.3 November 21, 1994
 * Changed the "test" function in CheckOut so that it now uses
   "UnZip -t file" instead of "Zip -T file" because it provides more
   info when there IS an error and it gives a "warning" instead of
   "error" when the error is not severe.
 * Added a popup menu (RMB) for the Main window.
 * Added accelerator keys (e.g., Ctrl-O for Open) for the Main window.
 * Changed the format of the user preferences information that is
   stored in ZipCntrl.ini to a less readable, but more compact form.
 * Repaired the Settings notebook so that it would not remove the
   "Custom" settings for the View Program.
 * Added "File, Delete" to the popup menu to allow deleting the
   currently opened .zip file.
 * Repaired most (all?) of the screen "paint" problems.
 * Corrected situation where minimized icons would display a portion
   of the associated window (a partial button).
 * Repaired the Auto Exit function in CheckOut.
 * Now permits embedded spaces in the path of Zip.exe and UnZip.exe.
 * Selecting "Cancel" from the Progress or other window will stop
   the unzip, zip, add, or delete action in mid-process.
 * "Create" renamed to "New" and now automatically goes into "Add."
 * The "Save Colors/Fonts" option now also saves "Position."

 Version 2.1.2 October 9, 1994
 * Fixed Version's 2.1.1's problem of leaving part of the ZC image
   on the screen.
 * Save As and Create will now append the file extension ".zip" if no
   extension is entered.  To save as or create a .zip file without an
   extension, end the new file name with a period (".").
 * In previous versions, UnZip processed files to be unzipped one at
   a time. As a result, the time required to unzip a large number of
   files was taking MUCH longer than using UnZip.exe at the command
   line.  Zip Control was modified to call UnZip.exe once, to unzip
   "All", or the minimum number of times if unzipping "Selected" files.
   This means that we lose the ability to display each file name as
   it's being unzipped.  The progress indicator has been replaced with
   an elapsed time indicator ("All") or a % complete indicator
 * Add (Zip) has an additional option, "Store path of selected dir."
   When Zipping with the "Store path(s)" option selected and the
   "Select Directory" button is pushed, the default action will be to
   zip all the files in the selected directory (without storing the
   directory name) and to zip all the subdirectories (and files) of
   those directories (storing the subdirectory names as the "top level"
   stored directory names).  If the new option is selected, the
   highlighted directory name will be "top level" directory name stored.
 * Due to the nature of Zip "recursion" and the multiple Zip passes
   which may be made in creating a .zip file, it was possible for a
   partial .zip file to be included in a newly created .zip file.
   Add (Zip) now specifically EXCLUDES zipping a .zip file with the
   same name as the current .zip file.
 * It is no longer required to copy Zip Control's Help file (ZipCntrl.hlp)
   to a directory listed in the SET HELP line of config.sys.  Zip Control
   will find the Help file that is in the Zip Control product directory.
 * Size of UnZip window further reduced.

 Version 2.1.1 September 25, 1994
 * Repaired erroneous message indicating that Zip.exe can not be located.
 * Corrected a situation where Zip Control would indicate that it is
   unzipping files, but actually did not unzip them.  This had to do with
   older versions of UnZip (prior to 5.12) failing due to a newer option.
 * Corrected a threading problem where the display of Zip Control's main
   window would only be partially drawn if a .zip icon were double
   clicked.  Same fix also corrected a problem with Zip Control (with Auto
   Comments enabled) not completing the update of the Comments window upon
   pushing the Comments button (on OS/2 versions prior to the Warp II beta).
 * Changed the way New operates.  The New button is now Create.  There is
   no longer an "Untitled" .zip file.  "Create" asks for the new .zip file
   name you wish to create.  You can then "Add" files to the newly
   created or an existing .zip file.
 * Improved the support of non-SmartView viewers.  Also, you can now define
   exactly how to start your non-SmartView viewer if Zip Control does not
   correctly determine the settings.
 * Reworked some areas where the use of threads had been somewhat of a
   problem.  Added threads to the CheckOut section to improve user
 * Reduced the size of the UnZip window.

 Version 2.1 September 17, 1994
 * Adjusted Zip Control so that it works with the OS/2 Warp II beta.

 * Added the Check Out feature.  Makes it easy to Test, Scan (virus),
   Report (virus scan report), Evaluate (test run the application in an
   automatically opened desktop folder), Delete (the test directory),
   Comment (edit or add comments to the .zip file), and ReZip (the .zip
   file for greater compression).

 * The Check Out Scan feature currently supports only the McAfee
   OS2SCAN.EXE virus scanner, version 2.x.  The full path and file
   name should be specified in the Settings notebook.

 * The Progress Window will no longer be displayed if the active window
   is displayed.  The use of the Progress window is controlled by the
   "Minimized while processing" setting in the Settings notebook.

 * Added capability to pass Zip Control the path and name of the
   .ini file to use for Zip Control.  In the parameters field of the
   Zip Control Desktop object, add "/I=drive:\path\name.ini" without
   the quotes and replacing drive, path, and name to match the location
   of the .ini file you wish to use.  This switch is optional and would
   probably be most useful for LAN installations or multiple versions
   of Zip Control on the same PC.  The default (no use of the /I switch)
   is to use ZipCntrl.ini in the Zip Control product directory.

 * Added slightly better support of DOS viewers for use when SmartView
   is NOT active.

 * Added an indication of the number of "selected" files/directories and
   their uncompressed file size total.  See lower left corner of the main

 * Added the Zip (Add window) settings plus the AutoComments, AutoOpen,
   Extended Selection, SmartView, LaserJet 2-up, and Save Colors/Fonts
   settings to the Settings notebook so that their default settings may
   be configured.

 * Resized several windows to not use as much of the screen.

 * Default Zip compression changed to maximum (9), but this is
   configurable in the Settings notebook.

 * Miscellaneous tweaks & fixes.

Version 2.00 May 31, 1994
* Significantly faster initial load.  Faster subsequent proecessing.

* Supports saving of "drag & drop" color schemes, colors, and fonts.
  (Can reset all the custom colors/fonts to the active system values.)

* Can make "in session" changes between Extended and Multiple selection
  methods for the main "Zip File Contents" list box.

* Since Zip Control now uses the WPS "associations" (when SmartView is
  active) to determine how to "view" a file which is within a zip file,
  the additional ZC user table of viewers is no longer used.

* Right Mouse Button selections/menus temporarily removed.

* Clipboard actions temporarily removed.

* The menus added in version 1.64 beta have been removed.

* Accommodated (worked around) Unzip.exe version 5.1's display of a
  new comment listing ("Archive:  d:\xxx\yyy.zip").

* Added the equivalent of the Unzip.exe -U option in the Unzip window.

* Added support for language specific versions of Zip Control.  All the
  Zip Control window and message text is stored in ZCNLS.dll.  Over time,
  and with the help of volunteers, national language versions of ZCNLS.dll
  can be easily created and distributed.

* Added online help.  National language versions will be added.

* Now uses threads for most tasks, and minimizes ZC windows while those
  threads run.  A small progress window is displayed until the thread
  completes, at which time Zip Control windows are restored.  The major
  benefit is that OS/2 can be easily used for other tasks while large
  zips or unzips are in process.

* NOTE:  This is truly a NEW version of Zip Control.  Although it may not
  appear so, EVERY line of code has been rewritten.  The initial intent was
  to achieve near equivalent functionality to Zip Control version 1.64 beta
  . . . but with significantly faster performance, and be equipped for more
  functionality in the future.  However, significant usability enhancements
  were added during the re-write.
Version 1.64 Beta February 23, 1994
* Temporary fix for the problem some were seeing where an error message
  indicated "Can not open zip file."  Permanent fix requires fix to
  the development kit used for ZC.  A side effect of the temporary fix
  is that a debug-type window may appear, especially for 4OS2 users
  with 4Start.cmd in the root directory.  Contact us for a 4OS2 workaround.

* Enhanced the display of error messages reported by unzip.exe and zip.exe.

* Renamed the Add, Select Entire Directory to Select Directory with a choice
  of whether to Add just the directory (No Files) or all its files (along
  with the directory, if Store Path is selected).

* Added a choice to zip up System/Hidden files (Add window).

* Repaired some problems in the Add to zip file functions.

* Added Window Settings & Copy to Clipboard to the Main menu bar.  These
  are also available on the window's popup menu (right mouse button).

  The Window Settings allow 1) changing the Style of the UnZip listbox
  to/from Extended and Multiple, 2) setting SmartView to use either the
  OS/2 System's "associations" or the "associations" set in Zip Control's
  Settings notebook.  The defaults are Multiple and System.

  Copy to Clipboard copies the list of files in the listbox to the system
  clipboard, where it may then be "pasted" into other documents.

* Added "Output path history" menu item to the UnZip window.  Also available
  as a popup menu and in the Output Path combo box.  Keeps the last ten
  target directories for quick selection,

* Corrected a problem where a path named 'PATH' would get created under
  certain conditions.

Version 1.60 January 23, 1994
* Repaired situation where "Add" could not see the files on a disk
  volume with no subdirectories.

* Repaired error introduced in version 1.53 where would not properly
  handle viewing a file name which included a space (" ").

* Added choice to display error messages reported by zip.exe and

* The zipcntr*.ico files may be deleted from the Zip Control directory.
  Those resources are now embedded within the zipcntrl.exe file.

* If the COMSPEC environment variable does not identify a proper OS/2
  command processor, Zip Control attempts to use \OS2\CMD.EXE on the
  drive where OS2.INI is located.

* The "association" of .zip files may now be made to either zipcntrl.exe
  or to the Zip Control Desktop object.

Version 1.53 January 8, 1994

* Reduced the time it takes before the Add window can accept user

* Reduced by half the elapsed time to add files to a .zip file over
  version 1.52.

* Reduced *dramatically* the elapsed time to delete files from a .zip
  file over version 1.52.

* Added visual indication to the UnZIP window if the output path
  does not currently exist.  It will still be created if it doesn't
  exist, but you will at least have a chance to correct typos in the
  path first, if that is why the path didn't exist.

* Added Footers & Headers to the 2-up LaserJet printing.

* Repair the "memory" of what was the selected printer.

* Repair an error that had been introduced with the AutoOpen button.
  If AutoOpen was not selected, then drag-and-drop of .zip file icons
  to the Zip Control desktop object would not open the .zip file until
  the Open button was pushed.  Same for "associations" of .zip files.

Version 1.52 November 28, 1993

* Added printer choices (which are known to the system) to "Print."

* To enable View to run DOS or Windows programs via the SmartView
  associations (e.g., .DOC -> WinWord.exe), the quotation marks are
  now removed from zipped files to be "viewed" IF the filename
  contains no embedded spaces.  Otherwise, the quotations will remain
  to enable OS/2 programs to use such filenames (with embedded spaces).
  DOS and Windows programs are unable to handle filenames with either
  quotation marks or embedded spaces.

  Best results when using SmartView with DOS or Windows programs can
  probably be obtained by using the entry: START /WIN WINWORD.EXE (or
  other DOS or Windows program name).  The full path name will be
  needed for the program if it is not in the OS/2 path (and it probably
  will not be).  Alternatively, the CMD.EXE /C WINWORD.EXE style could
  be used.

* Reduced by half the elapsed time to add files to a .zip file.

Version 1.51 November 20, 1993

* Corrected a problem with "Add"ing files to a .zip file, if the
  file to be added had a dash ("-") in the file name.

* Added explanatory message when you choose "Add" with "Zip all
  subdirectories too" but without "Store paths . . .".  If UnZip
  detects two files with the same name, UnZip fails.  The message
  explains this to the user and suggests adding the "Store paths"
  option (which is probably better anyway).

* Corrected a problem with directories/file names which include
  the "^" character.

* Added a simple LaserJet 2-up printing capability.

Version 1.50 November 03, 1993

* Added access to ZIP.EXE.

* Added "This session only" choices for the UnZip output path.
  Choices are Default output path, Last path used, .ZIP path.

* Added the ZC directory to the system PATH, for the ZC session
  only, so that users who put UNZIP.EXE in the ZC directory and
  do not specify the path for UNZIP.EXE in the Settings, Programs,
  UnZip Program entry, will be able to "see" UNZIP.EXE.

* Eliminated the extra window which would occasionally appear,
  especially for 4OS2 users.

* Added "AutoOpen" for user to define whether the Open dialog box
  should automatically appear and "AutoComments" for automatic display
  of embedded zip file comments.

* Changed the temporary files which are created for the View function
  to use original file names in a work location subdirectory, rather
  than temporary file names in the default output directory.  These
  temporary files are removed when Zip Control is closed.

Version 1.10 October 10, 1993

* Converted the Paths button to a Settings notebook, which
  includes Options, Paths, and Programs.

* Modified the Settings - Programs and the View process to
  permit association of different viewer programs to
  files on the basis of the file extension.

  This feature can also be used to "run" .EXE files within
  the ZIP file (with caution) and to unzip ZIP files within
  the ZIP file.

  The "SmartView" check box turns on/off the use of viewers
  associated by file extension.  When off, the "default"
  viewer is ALWAYS used, regardless of file extension.

* Changed the View process to support viewing multiple
  (selected) files at the same time.

* Added Print capability.  Can print multiple selected files
  to the default PRN printer.

* Added Search functions.  Search scans one or more selected
  disk drives, looking for .ZIP files.  The files are placed
  in a list, sorted in one of three ways:  name+date+path,
  path+name+date, or date+name+path.  Once the disk(s) has been
  scanned, the list of files may be re-sorted without a re-scan
  of the disk(s).

  ZIP files in the list may be "Opened" (unzipped), which permits
  use of the standard features of Zip Control (UnZip, View, Print).

  Additionally, a selected file may be Deleted.  This may be useful
  if, during review of the sorted list, it is noticed that there
  are duplicates of the same file in two or more directories.

* Cosmetic tune-ups to better comply with CUA.

Version 1.02 October 5, 1993

* UnZIP dialog, Output Path logic corrected to handle a path
  which did not include a backslash "\" somewhere in the
  path (not counting the last character of the path).

Version 1.01 September 26, 1993

* Title Bar--Added version number.

* "Paths"

  UnZIP Program Name and VIEW Program Name corrected to
  accept paths (Drive/Directory) as documented.

  If a program cannot be found at the location specified and
  also cannot be found in the OS/2 system path, the user will
  be given the option to change the entry or to continue.

  If a path cannot be found, the user will be given the option
  to change the entry or to continue.

  Cancel button added.

  Modified so that VIEW program entry can have command line switches
  ("/", "-") entered, retained, and used properly.

  Added the capability to target unzip output to the same directory
  in which the .ZIP file is located.

* "Settings"

  "Replace" option removed.  Was confusing.

  "Overwrite" option removed.  Was confusing.

* "Open"

  "Search" changed to "Open"

* "Contents" changed to "Comments"

* "UnZip"

  "UnZip" button active whenever there is an entry in the list box,
  whether or not a file name is highlighted.  Done to permit "All"
  choice on the "UnZip" dialog box.

  "All" choice activated in addition to "Selected."

  Same changes as in "Settings" regarding the "Replace" and "Overwrite"

  Target output path will now be created if it doesn't exist.  Previously
  would only create if single level path.

  Clipping of the last "e" in "Respect . . . file" should be fixed.

  Added the capability to target unzip output to the same directory
  in which the .ZIP file is located.

* General

  Corrected a situation where, when using 4OS2, the cleanup of the VIEW
  temporary file was being displayed.

  Tested with 4OS2.EXE in addition to CMD.EXE.

  Helpful headings added across the top of the list box--Length, Date,
  Time, Name.

  Support for directory and file names with embedded spaces.

  Version 1.0 September 19, 1993
  Initial Release.