ZipControl is a "point and click" front end to the freeware Info-ZIP archive utilities Zip and UnZip. ZipControl makes it easy to view and print the files in a .zip archive, extract one or more of the files, and create new archives.
ZipControl features include:
  • View the list of files contained in a .zip file.
  • View the contents of one or more files which are contained in the .zip file. The "view" function respects the operating system file "associations."
  • Sort contained files by date, name, and path.
  • Extract one or more files, define target directory during extract.
  • Drag and drop files and/or folders from Desktop and folders to ZipControl to create or add to .zip file or to open the .zip file.
  • Delete selected files from archive.
  • Add one or more files to archive.
  • Change default extract or add options/modifiers at action time.
  • Settings (configuration) notebook.
  • Simple, easy format with all choices displayed. No learning curve.
  • On-line help.
  • Numerous ease of use features.
  • Search multiple disk drives and list all .zip files, sort by name, date, and/or path to assist in disk and archive management. Delete or open .zip files from sorted list.
  • QwikEval: extract to temp dir. Test run or run install programs, then delete temp dir.
  • Supports encrypted files--both view/unzip and create.
  • User configuration information is stored in a properties file in the product directory.
  • Includes an InstallZipControl program (may not be available for some operating systems).
Zip and
Info-ZIP's Zip and UnZip programs are available as freeware on the Internet at various sites, including The required Zip and UnZip program files are included in the ZipControl installation file for your convenience.